Elizabeth Ministry is a woman-to-woman outreach which focuses on the childbearing years. Women visit and share with others facing similar experiences. The areas of Elizabeth Ministry include, but are not limited to, pregnancy, birth, miscarriage, infant or child death, crisis or special needs, adoption, fertility and infertility. For more information, visit the international organization site

Baby Loss Grief Prayer
Lord, you invite us to place our
burdens and cares in your hands.
Accept my sorrow as I grieve the loss
of my child. Sustain me as I am
overwhelmed with grief’s agony.

I believe my baby lives now with you
and that someday we will be together
in heaven. Until then, please give me
the grace to see the light of eternity
as I face the darkness of death.
Settle my soul and help me find
peace. Amen.

Birth or Adoption Prayer
My heart overflows with praise for
you, God, as I think of the blessing

this child is to our family. Guide me
in my role as a parent. Make me an
instrument of your love. Let me give
myself unselfishly so my child might
know the joy and security of being
loved unconditionally.

Give me the wisdom to help my child
discover life’s beauty and wonders
while nurturing our family’s faith in
your abiding presence. Amen.

Prayer to Conceive or Adopt
Lord God, my desire for a child
grows stronger every day. Cradle me
in your love and calm all my
anxieties. I look to you for insight
to make the dream of parenthood a
reality. Stir in my heart the desire to
Follow your will in all my decisions.

Give me courage to trust your
guiding presence. Deepen my faith
in your plan for our family. Shine
your divine mercy and compassion
upon me. Amen

Prayer During Pregnancy
Help me, Lord, to enter the mystery
unfolding deep within my womb.
Allow me to accept this gift with
wonder and excitement. Permit me
to cherish the life I carry. I freely
offer my body, mind, and spirit as
my unique gift to this child.

Lord, I know you are present, taking
care of me and my child Help me to
experience your presence and know
your loving care. In crease my faith
and trust in you. Amen.

Grandparent’s Prayer
Heavenly Father, the gift of being a
grandparent is so amazing, yet complex.
I pray for insight as I seek to discover
my role in my grandchild’s life. Guide me
in offering advice when needed, yet
refraining from inappropriate interference.
Please shield this precious child from all
harm and give the grace needed to handle
times of illness, stress, and challenges.
Help me be a source of wisdom, comfort
and strength. May I pass on the faith,
share the bond of family traditions and
provide unconditional love. Amen.

Prayer for Troubled Times
Almighty God, during this time of
trouble, give comfort to my spirit,
peace to my fearful heart, and trust to
my anxious mind. Increase my courage
to endure the challenges and hope to
sustain my strength. Provide me with
patience in pain and faith in your
healing power. Grant the grace to
accept this burden and the wisdom
to place all of my needs under your
compassionate care. I entrust myself,
my loved ones and all who are in need
of health, security, happiness and love
to your holy will. Amen.